Yet another fun evening was enjoyed by everyone who braved the cold conditions to attend the Kerrydale Suite for our annual Winter Event.

Some lively disco music entertained us before food was served, at which point we were presented with a variety of delicious hot food by the helpful staff.

Once everyone had their fill, the evening began in earnest and we were delighted to welcome Liam McGrandles, who entertained us all with some familiar songs. So familiar, in fact, that not many could help themselves from doing anything else but join in.

Players, management and staff of the Celtic Ladies team joined us for a Q & A session, after which they happily posed for photos and signed autographs.

Present were:

Manager, Ed Black and Assistant Manager, Michael Tuohy

Media Officer, Colette Carr

Players – Lauryn Reside, wide midfield., Cara McBrearty, left back and Emma Black, right back

Although it is the close season for the ladies, news, fixtures, results etc. can all be found on the website at,

Then Maggie invited Patron and regular tosser, (of the coin) Tom Boyd, to help host a free game of Heads or Tails. Well worth playing as there was a prize of £100 to be won.

The said prize to the last person standing was won by Michael Tuohy, the ladies team assistant manager.

Michael very kindly donated the £100 prize to CDSA funds. A fine gesture indeed.

Thank you Michael.

A surprise guest, Willie McStay, who was having an evening out with friends, joined Tom Boyd to entertain everyone with some memories of poignant and funny moments in their careers. They were also happy to answer questions from the audience, who certainly enjoyed hearing the answers.

As usual the evening was brought to a close with the raffle and result of the silent auction. With a huge array of prizes, a lot of Bhoys and Ghirls went home happy with their haul. For those who went empty handed……. Better luck next time.

All in all a great nights entertainment was had yet again by our members, family and friends

Many thanks to everyone who entertained us, and also to everyone who donated raffle prizes and auction items

They all helped us raise over £1000 towards CDSA funds, ensuring that we can provide quality afternoon events, free to members, throughout the year.

The committee look forward to seeing everyone again at the next event.

Event Pictures