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It certainly doesn’t seem like a year ago………. But it is.

No, not the festive season.

This time last year, committee members Peter Ritchie and Kevin Mackin, along with DAO Alexis Dobbin were preparing for a special trip.

They were heading to Spain to attend the Centre for Access to Football in Europe, (CAFE), conference in Bilbao. The three representatives were going to accept a special Collaboration Award being presented to CDSA and Celtic FC.

The award marked our work in promoting access for all at Celtic Park and beyond. The club has worked with CDSA in recent times on several improvements including the development of the Tommy Burns View, (TBV), provision of audio programme notes for our visually impaired supporters, a new Changing places facility, to name just a few of the initiatives

Peter Joyce, Chairman of the CDSA was happy to announce: \”The CDSA are delighted to be recognised by CAFE with this award for our work with Celtic. Considering the number of clubs in Europe, it is an honour to be chosen for this above others. We are working closer with Celtic than we ever have and this is bringing added benefits for our members. We will continue to develop initiatives to improve facilities and promote inclusion at Celtic Park and elsewhere.\”


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